Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook

Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook
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Written By: Sarah J. Maas
Narrated By: Jennifer Ikeda
Publisher: Recorded Books
Date: May 2015
Duration: 16 hours 11 minutes

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Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook Summary

A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES is a completely original retelling of Beauty and the Beast by New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas with, of course, a strong female lead, faeries, and an amazingly inventive world.

Court of Thorns and Roses Audiobook Reviews

For the past few years, I have been pining for a series that would come close to captivating me as much as my favorite series of all had previously done… Harry Potter. No, I would never compare between the two, I simply correlate the depth to which both series had such a dramatic effect on me and the extent to which I fully dove into each book.

People… I’m a mom, I have a life, and NO time to read. I read this series in under 5 days.

I honestly thought, just from reading reviews and plot lines that this was just another supernatural series, destined to not live up to it’s great predecessors of supernatural series greatness. I even waited to read this after I bought it. I was SO wrong with my initial thinking.
I fell into this series.. into the words. The characters. The plot. Everything about this book had me so enveloped into the story and world. I just completed the third book, and I am re-reading this first one again because I do not want to escape the magic of the world Sarah J. Maas has thrown me head-first into. I could not stop reading until I finished the last book and I still beg for more, as any good series would leave you wanting.

Read this book if you… Want to find yourself 6 hours later, finished with a book and buying the second one immediately following finishing the first; need a good romance novel; want to lose yourself in an amazing series; love books that leave you weak in the knees, crying uncontrollably, breathless, or so excited you’re hurling your fist in the air without realizing (yes, my husband was REALLY confused)..; enjoyed Harry Potter, or Twilight, or Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Hunger Games, The Alchemist, The Magicians, The Goldfinch… or etc.etc.etc… ; want to read something that you will remember forever…. THIS is the book, and series, you should read.

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