Outlaw Platoon Audiobook

Outlaw Platoon Audiobook
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Written By: Sean Parnell, John Bruning
Narrated By: Ray Porter
Publisher: HarperAudio
Date: February 2012
Duration: 10 hours 18 minutes

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Outlaw Platoon is a 2012 war story memoir written by Sean Parnell and John R. Bruning. The book details Parnell’s 2006–2007 experiences as an infantry platoon leader during the War in Afghanistan.

Outlaw Platoon Audiobook Summary

A riveting story of American fighting men, Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell’s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division’s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band of Brothers or We Were Soldiers Once and Young for the early 21st century—an action-packed, highly emotional true story of enormous sacrifice and bravery.

A magnificent account of heroes, renegades, infidels, and brothers, it stands with Sebastian Junger’s War as one of the most important books to yet emerge from the heat, smoke, and fire of America’s War in Afghanistan.

After receiving his commission through the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program at Duquesne University, Parnell led 3rd Platoon, B Company, 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. The company was based near the Pakistani border in Barmal District of Paktika Province on an extended 16-month deployment. After the deployment, Parnell was awarded two Bronze Star Medals and a Purple Heart. Parnell left duty as a lieutenant and retired as a captain. Before embarking on Outlaw Platoon. Parnell’s coauthor, military historian John R. Bruning, embedded himself with a unit in Afghanistan in 2010 in preparation for writing the book for Parnell.

The book is popular in military circles, and was discussed as part of the Commandant’s Book Club at the United States Military Academy in 2013.

Outlaw Platoon Audiobook Reviews

I want to start off by saying that I have several hundred audio books and have enjoyed most and loved some. I always make sure to rate books that I listen to using the star system, however I have never sat down and composed a full review. This book moved me in ways that I find hard to express. There were times in this book that I was incredibly angry, times when I was happy for the guys of Outlaw Platoon, and times that caused me to tear up. War brings out the best and worst of humanity, it shows us what kind of people that we share the planet with. This book was by far the best audio book that I have ever listened to. I have to mention that there are some parts of the book that I found to be very disturbing, although the very nature of war has a way of being very disturbing at times. The lengths that the enemy will go to to inflict pain into coalition forces is savage. The camaraderie and brotherhood of Outlaw Platoon is absolutely amazing. I do not have the time to review books like I should, but this book moved me in so many ways that I though that it was important to do so. This may sound strange to some but this book made me wonder why I did not enlist to serve our country, I am still young enough to do so and it is always in the back of my mind. Again I cannot stress enough that everyone should listen or read this book, this book really deserves a sixth star rather than just five. I hope this review is helpful to those considering this book. Brad Thor gives this book a great review over on Amazon.com and is worth reading. Also be sure to download the companion to this book, it includes a map that makes it easier to understand the area that Outlaw Platoon patrolled.

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Parnell discussed writing the book for an episode of Pritzker Military Presents and for the Episode 192 of the Jocko Podcast.

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